Small Business

At ICB Works, we meet all types of needs and bring a solution to each of your business issue:
Interface and integrations, mobility applications, sharing solutions. We serve your business by creating tailored development, configurations and customizations, trainings, business analysis and consultancy.


 Creating business applications

Specific modeling, creation of applications, eg : Hierarchical of divisional sales pitches


 CRM Configurations

We configure the data of your contacts and those companies with whom you work, we model your sales cycle in CRM, we catalog your products, your quote, your dashboards, tasks and events, your networks, essentially any CRM transcription of your business. Together we define your security policy, sharing of control over your business in your application.


 Synchronization of emails accounts

Synchronize your email accounts with your CRM application.
We set up the synchronization of your accounts such as Gmail, etc and make them available on the move.


 Synchronization of calendars

We set up synchronization with your usual applications of your existing or future calendars in order to go mobile or connected with your team to share your schedule.


 Accountability to communication gateway

Gateways to communicate with your existing software.
We realize interfacing with your existing accounting solutions.


 Creating interface for CRM website

Create interface for website, ebusiness.
We create all types of interfaces for web, ebusiness through existing information system or from scratch.